Love Is (Official Music Video) Limited Release

I have a truly exciting announcement to share!

The much-anticipated music video for my new single, Love Is, is now available to watch in limited release.

To watch the video, simply click the link at the bottom of this post and follow the instructions to unlock access. BUT WAIT!, don’t just skip ahead, I have more interesting things to say about the video.

I’m so happy with how the video turned out. Way back in February, when Adam and I first started discussing this project I had no idea it would turn out as great as it did. The music video, for those that don’t already know, tells a story of a boy and girl falling in love at a surprise birthday party for a tortoise. Yes, a surprise birthday party for a tortoise. When I first heard about this concept I thought it was quite strange, but that this quirky idea would likely be a great fit for the warm and positive energy of the track (spoiler alert, it was indeed a great fit).

During the shoot, I was overwhelmed by all the support that rallied around the creation of this video. From Decadently Yours that supplied the cupcakes, to The Making-Box which provided space and the tremendous talent of Halley Kellett and Rob Lewin. I’d also like to thank all of the people that came out to be extras, some of which just walked in off the street knowing nothing about what sort of shenanigans they were getting themselves into. Thanks to Mark Vicary for saving the day by providing us with a tortoise for the shoot as well as a wealth of tortoise knowledge to boot.[No tortoises were hurt in the filming of this video:)] Mark made sure that our fine shelled friend was very well taken care of during the whole shooting process, thanks, Mark (Mark runs a Medical Grade Janitorial Business, check them out here). Also, big thanks to Adam Machan who conceptualized the video and co-directed the project with the incredibly talented Dave Horst. Without Dave’s creative eye, directing chops and editing expertise, none of this would have been possible.

And one last thing, thanks to you! Thank you for being so patient awaiting the release and for reading the rest of the newsletter before watching the video. You know what they say, good things come to those who… read the entire newsletter.

And now!

Without further adieu…

Here it is…

Don Sawchuk – Love Is – Official Music Video

Cheers, Donny. 🙂

Don Sawchuk
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