2018 Hohner Avenue Porch Party 3-8 pm

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada ·

Hohner Avenue Porch Party
81 Hohner Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 2V3
· 4:30 pm


4:30 – 5:00pm | Don Sawchuk & The Underdog Band
Every year the Hohner Ave Porch Party showcases local performances and celebrates building community creatively.
People from our neighbourhood and beyond come to enjoy music, art, food and beautiful Central Frederick, Kitchener.

For full details visit: http://hohnerporchparty.yolasite.com/

  1. Underdog Don Sawchuk
  2. Love Is Don Sawchuk
  3. Mercy Don Sawchuk
  4. Right On Time Don Sawchuk
  5. No Place to Go Don Sawchuk
  6. My Home Don Sawchuk
  7. You are the One Don Sawchuk
  8. Drowning in Tears Don Sawchuk
  9. Happy it Happened Don Sawchuk
  10. Where Are You Now Don Sawchuk
  11. You Love Me Too Don Sawchuk
  12. Let Your Music Play Don Sawchuk