Wanted: Dancer and Painter to Star in Music Video

I have exciting news to share with you. I’m shooting a music video early in the new year. The video will be a joint production between myself and Adam Machan of MazeKey Media. Last time Adam and I worked together we produced
the heart-warming video for my single, “Love Is”. This video is currently available in limited release and can be see here.

Love is was shot at the Making-Box downtown Guelph.

Stylistically the new video will be a departure from the highly comical Love Is video. The new video is for the track, “Let Your Music Play {Listen to the track}”, a song about creativity and expression. I feel such an incredibly strong drive to share my music with the world and I want to inspire others to do the same. There is “music” inside all of us. For me, the “music” I’m referring to represents all forms of creative expression.

I have been writing and performing music for over 10 years now.

Through my own personal journey, letting my music play has allowed me to see all of the incredible possibilities that exist around me. Creative expression is immensely rewarding and tremendously challenging. There have been so many times along the way when I could have called it quits and packed it in, but I stayed the course. Now, it is my sincere desire to use the platform I have created to encourage others. The “Let Your Music Play” video will inspire viewers to press on in their own creative journey.

The story of Let Your Music Play follows the creative journeys of a dancer and a painter.

Concept image providing a sense to the aesthetic we are going for.

The video is told over the course of one day as the artists prepare, warm-up and dive into their craft. Along the way, they confronted with barriers of various shapes and sizes. In order to overcome and ultimately dissolve these barriers, they must reach deep within themselves and find the strength to carry-on. This means getting up when they don’t want to, warming up when they’re not feeling it and stepping it up when they stumble. As the song builds to a triumphant crescendo, the viewer’s eye is drawn to the similarities between the work of the dancer and the painter, this is achieved through a series of fast cuts. After the crescendo, we return to the artists in a moment of stillness and find that they have traded places. The dancer is now in the painter’s studio and the painter is now on stage. This trade serves to reinforce the theme of barrier dissolution by dissolving the barrier between the artists’ respective mediums.

We are currently looking for a female contemporary dancer and a female contemporary painter (between the ages of 19 and 29) to bring this project to life.  

The Successful Dancer Will:

Commit to being on set for two separate shoots of approx. 3 hours each.

Choreograph a contemporary dance based on the themes of the creative journey and barrier dissolution with an emphasis on large graceful movements that will display well in slow motion. (A ribbon or scarf may be incorporated if you see fit).

Provide their own clothing and do their own make-up for the shoot

The Successful Painter Will:

Commit to being on set for two shoots of approx. 3 hours each.

Be comfortable painting a large abstract oil painting on camera.

Create a concept sketch based on the themes of the creative journey and barrier dissolution for review.

Provide access to a studio space suitable for the shoot, ample natural light is ideal

Provide their own clothing and do their own make-up for the shoot.

Supply their own painting materials.

So if you are passionate about encouraging creative expression, if you live for your craft, and you are willing to bring your all to this project, then please fill out an application below. Selected artists will be compensation though a modest honorarium and credited as key contributors.  

Application deadline: Dec. 30th: Apply Now.
(Dancer Application // Painter Application)

Thank you for your interest.


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