About Don Sawchuk

Don Sawchuk has been in love with the dream of making music ever since his sister introduced him to a collection of albums in his youth. She was the voice of encouragement, telling him always to follow his dreams. Sadly, his sister, who was in and out of abusive relationships all her adult life suffered the ultimate abuse – she was murdered, a travesty for Don, his family and friends.
After Don received a Bachelor of Science Degree he pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry and now holds a position with a Global leader in the pharmaceutical industry which caters to animal and pet health care. It is likely Don’s caring for others that led him to choose the path to work in an area that deals with the vulnerable and that gives him joy in his day job while likely influencing his musical career.
As a young man growing up Don always felt the challenges of being an underdog and after a number of years of song writing he was ready to capture his songs for posterity with a collection of 12 well-crafted compositions that make up his first full length recording aptly entitled “Underdog”. Don enlisted Canadian Producer JK Gulley (Gulco Studios and Records) to produce the recording who in turn contacted long-time friend and former manager Steve Thomson at Trilogy Record/Backstage Music Publishing introducing him to his new find. Thomson was impressed stating, “John, I listened to the recording and every track is great – the album is full of heart and I believe it will be identifiable by listeners everywhere. The album certainly tells a story and I would be pleased to be part of what I think is a great song book!” His Sister’s tragic story certainly hits a chord”.
The album will be released on Trilogy Records International/Gull-Trax Productions Distributed world-wide by The Orchard in May, 2018
Those who have been given a pre-release copy of Don’s UNDERDOG ALBUM which is also available in a long play record/vinyl format all agree:

“This Album is credible and sonically sound.”
“The songs are compelling and make you think.”
“Immediately this this guy’s voice caught my attention, where has he been…”
“The strings are a great touch subtle – the real deal!”
“I can hear these songs in films.”
“Don really strikes a chord with me.”
“What a story – this guy is the real deal.”