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Here’s a quick note of introduction to a timely video I’m releasing featuring “My Home” for Remembrance Day which was filmed at my local Royal Canadian Legion in Guelph during a special presentation on June 6th of this year.

The event was planned to commemorate D-Day, June 6, 1944, when fourteen thousand young Canadians stormed ashore Juno Beach against frightening opposition. The soldiers raced headlong over mined beach obstacles, across wide open beaches swept with machine gun fire, overtaking German strongholds in fierce hand-to-hand combat, then advancing inland, securing a critical bridgehead for the allied invasion. The victory was a turning point of World War II and led to the liberation of Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany. 

Let us never forget their sacrifice and the freedom cherished by so many around the world because of it.

I was very proud to be asked to contribute this performance of My Home (Canadian Prisoner of War) for the event. As you watch and listen, please share in my pride for Canada, for the people of our nation and for the values of peace and freedom we hold dear.

Don Sawchuk
Building community one song at a time.