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Welcome to ‘BACKGROUNDER’ – Exploring Don Sawchuk’s Underdog Album Track-by-Track
Hello Fans of Don Sawchuk & The Underdog Band!
This week we explore YOU ARE THE ONE, the ultimate love song with beautiful lyrics, interesting chord progression and fluid string quartet arrangement.

Balladfrom Don Sawchuk’s album Underdog

The evolution of the song You Are The One began way back on December 10th, 2010, originating from a remarkable gospel chord progression and melody written and arranged by Fr. Ken Canedo and evolved into a secular love song, intentionally non-gender specific, with significant writing contribution from James Linderman on the musical bridge which occurs around the 2:24 minute mark of the song with the lyric, “There’s always one love…,” and a unique blended chord progression from John Gulley at the 2:39 minute mark under the lyric, “a lifetime of hoping and wishing,” that both strengthen the song, providing a musical departure and resolute return to the main musical idea which is swept into a euphoric flurry by the string parts arranged by composer Lance Anderson, all encapsulated in the light and lovely ‘bookended’ lyrics written by Don Sawchuk.

“Now, whenever I perform You Are The One, I’m amazed at how easily listeners are touched by the message of love in this song, wanting to share it with the one they love and make it “their song.” I’ve been asked and have, on many occasions, been able to perform it at weddings to the delight of all attending.”

“My wish is that, like no other song, You Are The One touches you and the one you love, and that it will remain in your hearts in an unforgettable and everlasting way. As a songwriter, I couldn’t ask for anything more than to contribute to the love shared by my fans.” – Don Sawchuk
Listen here: You Are The One – Don Sawchuk (Official Lyric Video – YouTube)

The first time you said “Hello” to me
Is the day you awakened my dreams
Since then I see with candlelight eyes
You and me
You are the one that makes me sing
A song for the dreamers, the lovers, for you and me
I love you dancing next to me
Smiling so sweet
Playful and fun
Oh Darling, You are the one
And the first time you said “I Love You”
Is the night my dreams all came true
All the world can see this love of a lifetime
You and me
‘cause you are the one that makes me sing
A song for the dreamers, the lovers, for you and me
I love you dancing next to me
Smiling so sweet
Playful and fun
Oh, You are the one
There’s always one love worth waiting for
Someone who loves you for who you are
It feels like a lifetime of hoping and wishing
‘til one day your heart is sure
You are the one that makes me sing
A song for the dreamers, the lovers, for you and me
‘cause I love you dancing next to me
Smiling so sweet
Playful and fun
Oh Baby, You are the one
You are the one
Oh Darling, You are the one
The first time you said “Hello”
Bonus Content: Sheet Music – for musicians to learn to play the song!
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Feb 14, 2020