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My Home (Official Lyric Video)

My Home – Don Sawchuk (Official Lyric Video)

June 6, 2019
Today, and everyday, I dedicate ‘My Home’ to the women and men, living and deceased, who risked or sacrificed their lives for the freedom we all cherish.


Mercy – Trilogy Records on YouTube

A relatable tale of overcoming bullying and adversary with a powerful chorus elevated by a moving string arrangement juxtaposed against edgy slide-guitar riffs.

Mercy (Official Lyric Video)

Mercy – Don Sawchuk (Official Lyric Video) on YouTube

November 20, 2018 – Don Sawchuk Releases the Single ‘MERCY’ for National Anti-Bullying Week

Don Sawchuk’s Underdog Album Release Concert earlier this month was a spectacular Sold Out event at Heritage Hall in Guelph which honoured and provided funding for the Guelph Black Heritage Society and the Guelph Shriners. Sawchuk is now releasing the next single Mercy from the Underdog album, a song that highlights bullying and the cycles of abuse associated with the issue, during National Bullying Week, November 18 – 24, 2018.

If you were at Don’s recent concert you heard his position on the important issue: “Bullying typically produces shame and low self-worth and can sometimes start a cycle of abuse whereby the abused becomes the abuser, in an attempt to elevate their sense of self-worth through domination.”

Don Sawchuk proposes a solution: “I’d like nothing more than to see each of us understand and root out the underlying causes of bullying and offer mercy instead, where we see everyone, including ourselves, as having infinite worth and boundless potential.” His song Mercy demonstrates these ideas in a touching and thought provoking way.

Listen and watch the Mercy Video for yourself.

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