I want to welcome all the new subscribers – it’s spectacular having a growing community of supporters that appreciate music and the craft of songwriting. Thank you for your encouragement!

Although Spring is just around the corner, I can’t wait for the warm weather, so I’m heading South to Nashville to meet it head-on. And if I’m there anyway, I think I’ll take the opportunity to play some stages, do some networking, pitch my songs to publishers, and do some co-writing. I might as well, eh? ; ) No, seriously, I’ve been planning this trip for over 6 months and I’m glad it’s finally here. I’ll be staying at the SOCAN house for visiting songwriters and spending a good deal of time at the Nashville Songwriters Associate International office. I’m excited about the opportunities that await in the iconic music city Nashville.

I’ve enrolled in a 6 week on-line songwriting course from Boston’s Berklee School Of Music with instructor Pat Pattison. The course is in full swing and I’m learning lots, filling my tool belt with terrific tools for writing better songs. As a writer, I’m realizing the possibilities are infinite and I can’t help but be humbled by it all. I want to be able to clearly communicate the emotion of my songs and I’m learning better ways to do just that. From my point of view, music is just a vehicle for emotion. I write to express emotion and if I do it well I evoke that emotion from the listener. What better way to make an impact. It’s a tall order but I’m committed to making an emotional connection with every song I write.

However, not all the songs I write hit the mark. I spend lots of time re-writing my songs to make them stronger and more engaging. Once I’m done polishing my songs I select the strongest pieces of work and take them into the studio to record. JK Gulley from Blue-Gull Studios has been very patient with me as I climb the learning curve associated with the recording process. I’ve got a whole collection of strong guitar-vocal pre-production recordings. Once I complete a few more songs I’ll be ready to hire session players to record the other instrument and vocal tracks. And voila, I’ll have my 2nd CD!

I’m currently working on a music website which I’ll be launching soon. There you’ll find my guitar-vocal tracks until I can replace them with my fully produced CD-quality songs. You’ll be the first to know when the site is up and running and you’ll have access to my music, my gig calendar, videos, photo gallery, blog, twitter feed, etc.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has shown their belief in me and my music. I have received an inordinate amount of help and encouragement to pursue my dream and passion. It’s because of people like YOU that all of this is coming true! Thank you once again.

As usual, you’ll find an up-to-date listing below of upcoming gigs and open mics I’ll be hosting. Of special note, you’ll see I’ve been asked to host a brand new open mic in Guelph. Mahoney’s, a family run restaurant and sports bar has just opened their doors and is looking to support a live music community. If you are a performer I encourage you to come out this Friday night for the debut Open Mic. Mike and Amanda Mahoney extend their invitation offering half price appetizers and $4 pints to all performers. Terrific. I’m hoping to build this Open Mic with your help I’m sure we can do just that!

One last thing… I’ll be competing this Saturday night in the finals of the Fergus Songwriting Competition – wish me luck.

Take care everyone and enjoy the music life has to offer.

Cheers, Don.