I want to thank everyone for tuning in to the goings on of my musical endeavours.

Of course, I want to welcome all of the new faces I’ve met along the way at places like Hillside, SongStudio, Ark Fest, the Regal Road Studio concert series with the Hazy Maidens, et. al., Sharpe Fest, the Fergus Songwriting Competition, SAC Regional Writer’s Groups, League of Rock, and all of the open mics in the GTA/Ottawa/Cambridge/K-W/Guelph/Fergus/Elora areas.

There have been many things changing in my world since my last email in September. As most of you know, I have been enjoying the freedom of pursuing music full-time, while doing a small amount of consulting in the pharmaceutical industry to keep myself in picks and guitar strings. Well, as of Jan 2, all that has changed.

I started as the Regulatory Manager for a local animal health pharmaceutical company with its head office based in Europe. By Jan 5th I was on a plane heading for a 3-week jaunt in France to get up to speed with the company’s products, people and facilities. The offer to return to work was too good to turn down, so, I’ve committed to work for the Canadian affiliate to achieve a number of new product registrations over the next 2-3 years. This will require travelling to France and Ottawa and otherwise working 40 hours/week out of the Cambridge office – behind a desk and everything! I know… it’s hard to believe!!! I’d never been to Europe. I took lots of pictures of France and a few in Spain. If you check out my Facebook account you’ll find a whole album of about 145 pictures if you’re interested in seeing some of what I saw.

I am looking at this full time job as an opportunity to become more focused on achieving my musical ambitions. No more dilly-dallying. It’s time to get busy and get things done: writing, recording, performing.

That being said, please find below a list of upcoming gigs and events that I am going to be a part of. Of special note are the following:
1) THIS THURSDAY NIGHT Feb 6: Toronto Songwriting Guild Annual Showcase – a rare opportunity to see me perform in Toronto!
2) Next Thursday night Feb 13, I’ll be competing in The 2014 Southern Ontario Songwriting Competition in Fergus, ON, and
3) The second season of Lord Of The Flies theatrical production set to the music of Pink Floyd with 4 performances Feb 28 and Mar 1.

I have an album in the works that will be released this year if it kills me. I have to get my music out there for people to hear. Presently, the only way for people to hear my music is if I play it for them. Not so efficient eh? – although, my live performances do come with a manic exuberance. The challenge is getting that enthusiasm on tape in the studio… hmmm, I think I’ll lean on my producer JK Gulley at BlueGull Studios for that. He’s awesome. I can’t wait to put out my first fully produced full-length CD with the best material I’ve written to date.

On the subject of performances, I really don’t look for many places to play. I have had lots of people ask me to play a gig for them or be a part of this or that, apart from my regular open mics. I love that. If you would be interested in having me play for an event please let me know! I’m sure we’ll make it fun for everyone! 😉

Let’s get through this cold, cold weather together with a tune in the air and a skip in our step. 🙂

See you at the next event in your neck of the woods.

Cheers, Don.

Don Sawchuk
Building community one song at a time.