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Don Sawchuk – Guelph


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Rameses Papyrus 2018-11 Article

Quotes about the Album Release Concert:

“It was awesome!!! So happy for you and just absolutely love your music!!! Thank you for sharing your talent!!” – Amy Matthews Sevigny

“Hey Don, great show last night, it was so enjoyable hearing your songs spring to life with your excellent Underdog Band! Good luck with the new CD, I know it will do well on radio, that was obvious from the packed audience that loved the performance last night. It was really nice to see and feel the love and support for Don Sawchuk from old friends in the Guelph songwriting community last night at his CD release. You guys all know who you are! There were a lot of fellow songwriters there! What a memorable evening.” – Peter Boyer

“It was amazing! I was so happy to be included. We had a fun evening! I was a little mesmerised by Donny. I haven’t seen him perform before. He was FANTASTIC!!” – Karen Walsh

“I’m so proud!!!” – Natalie Sawchuk

“Congratulations to you, Don and the Underdog Band on a remarkable concert tonight. You played to a full house with passion and finesse. The crowd loved you. It’s been wonderful to see your progression as a musician. You’re a talented song-writer, vocalist and musician and with a full band behind you all I can say is WOW. Just WOW!” – Barbara McQuarrie

“Great show we really enjoyed the night, cheers.” – Alan Boden

“Don, just a quick note to congratulate you and the Underdog band. We really enjoyed the opportunity to listen to your live performance at heritage hall last weekend. You have a great talent as singer, songwriter and musician and you have honed your skills well over the years. Each song with its heartfelt INTRODUCTION had great meaning and memorable lyrics. I wish you great success and look forward to the next time we get to see you. Safe travels.” – Nick

“Hey there Di! You must be so proud! What a great night for Donny! You could see his love of music and passion for telling a story… wonderful! … I did not know about his sister … very sad and moving.” – Kim Gillies

“Hey there!!! Glad I came on Saturday. So nice to hear Donny with his band. I was blown away and thoroughly enjoyed the show. He has such a way of involving the audience by sharing the background stories. Really gets you to “hear” the song. You know what I mean?? I got to hear my favourite song before I had to leave. Congratulations to him and all his successes. He deserves it!” – Ann-Marie Flavelle

“Great show tonight, Don – you and the band were in fine form on your own tunes and the covers! Keep on rockin’!” – Marty Collier

“Hey Don, You really nailed it last night! It was great to see you up there showing us what you are all about. You come across very well. The honesty and dedication you have to your music and beliefs all pour out of you. The song writing, arrangements, band and of course your awesome vocal talent are all top notch! Congratulations on your accomplishment and the best of luck promoting it. There should be a large market for what you have here. And at very least you have a tangible legacy of your music and what you love to do. Again, congratulations Don!” – Trevor Hall

“Dear Donnie,
As soon as I got home last night after your amazing concert at the Heritage Hall I sat down and wrote some glowing comments on your website and your two Facebook sites as well as on my own personal site. You earned it! That’s the best I’ve ever seen you play. It’s a joy to me to have been your friend over these years and see your progression as a singer/songwriter/musician. The confidence and ability that you exuded on stage last night was phenomenal. You don’t ever have to be shy or overly humble about your music and ability as you were a little bit at the beginning of the evening. Believe you me, you are a talent! You filled the house with people and song, making a true connection with the audience, and you earned that standing ovation and encore you got at the end. There was a lot of love up there both on stage and in the audience. You have an honesty, sincerity, passion and true care for community. The mutual respect you have with your band members is evident and their considerable talents join with yours in making a strong musical statement. You are truly building a community one song at a time. I am so happy for you — both in your personal life (beautiful Diane is your perfect mate) and your professional life. Keep on loving, keep on playing. You are on your way up! Love, Barb” – Barb Heagy